Life Goes On…

May 9, 2006, 8:29 am
Filed under: Reviews

We should have watched a much earlier timeslot but we just can't afford to lose a minute or two of the action-packed thriller Mission Impossible 3. We watched it by 6:45pm, but due to some unexpected turn of events we arrived late. 😦 2-5 mins or so, because we bought a ZAGU of all places ISETANN pa! hehe..

 Ok now we are ready, the sequel started with the bad guy torturing Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his wife (Julia) Michelle Monaghan, which I must say kinda look-alike Tom Cruise offscreen wife Katie Holmes. The story revolves on getting the Rabbit's Foot at Shanghai (of all places!). The story lets you think what the thruth really is, many deceiving people. What amazes me is how they create a replica of the faces they needed to look like. That what really cool!!!

The stunts were great! It was awesome. Of course there is the usual mission impossible trademark the vertical descent. You really have to see it to be amazed. I liked their team, the girl was really nice too. I so liked her. Their disguises were cool, from being a welder, DHL personnel (plugging) and priest to the agent they really are. Nice one!
A nice movie that we should have watched at the GPC (Globe Platinum Cinema) well maybe next time. 🙂  


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