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In Her Shoes
May 17, 2006, 4:31 pm
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After all that DVD bad-copy, I have finished watching it. And I admit, I love it!

Drama explosion!

Imagine your sibling, your bestfriend, your rival? That is exactly what happened in this heart-warming but truly hilarious movie. Maggie (Cameron Diaz) was the type of girl how never finish a degree, who does not know how to read and who is a terrible stealer (from money to boyfriend and to shoes.) She once auditioned on MTV, she can get it done good (looks and style) but she can't hardly read a word. A totally different pole, her sister, Rose (Toni Collete) has a degree on Law on a firm where she meets her boyfriend. Has her own apartment and can really support herself. But things really has to go wrong, Maggie and her flirtatious moves made out with her boyfriend's sister and the bad news is her sister caught them at her own apartment.

The movie also revolves on the grandmother and grandchildren relationship, they were orphan early in life because of the "death" of thier mother, which makes it hard for them as they grow up. They have a grandmother but thier father has hid them from them. The movie ends with Rose happily married with another co-worker, whom I admire because of the true love he showed to Rose; and Maggie having a blast at the Retirement community at Florida.

I liked the part where Maggie, learns to read through her daily reading to an lod man in the community. I was touched when she continue to read the poem eventhough it has really hard for her. I liked the way her sister has been trying to help her sister get a new job, to earn her own living. I somehow connect to the movie, my brother has been tirelessly work for no one in particular, he has no wife at 34, and I have always ask him for help many times, and i dont think i have repayed him. My best wishes for him!

I recommend this to everyone! One good movie that shouldn't be missed. 🙂


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