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Ebooks for FREE
November 28, 2006, 10:31 am
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I have found this really cool site where you can download the ebooks you have always wanted. 🙂

I do hope they update this regularly.:) 


Japan and Philippines Friendship Day Celebrated
November 28, 2006, 10:26 am
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Yesterday, I texted Penny so we can have dinner together. When all of a sudden she invited me to join the JAPANESE ENKA celebration. I am so hungry that time, but I decided to go as well. Together with her friends Ate Sofie, Andrea and her roommate and Nino, we head our way to Philam Auditorium. The taxi went all wrong when he thought it is PhilAm Homes.. hehe. 🙂

We arrived there 30 mins late and the place were jampacked.  Where wil we sit? We decided to take a chair beside the venuebut we are greeted with a NO, NO by this guard. O well, we have not bothered returning them and it ended up the guard returning them.. hahe. Bad boys and girls.. 🙂

Penny and I decided to take our dinner in McDo since it hasn’t started yet. We rush our way back and saw this pack of people rushing thier way to the Audi, so we stayed a little late cause we know that they were the group they are waiting for and they need to dress up. We finished eating and we arrived just in time. hehe..

We are greeted with dances from Hiya Dance Comp. A dance from Mindanao, Visayas and later Luzon folks. And we truly enjoyed them. It is a showcase of cultures, so the next part is from the Japanese, I really didn’t enjoy it. The fact that it doesn’t have a transalation, they are all speaking in Japanese there. C’mon! That made me realize, I have to learn Japanese. ASAP. hehe.. Anyway, they should have atleast translated the words they are trying yo say. I CANT UNDERSTAND A THING!

Then we were amazed with the “Asian-version” of LasVegas. Follies MWAH. I can say that it is good watching them. I really admired them. If only they have more time. We didnt finish the whole show, we have grown tired of the senseless talking we do not understand.

We ate at Chowking(the second time), and have a chit chat. ANd the nice thing about it is we made friends with the Japanese Andrea conversed with. hehe. We rode a taxi back to UP minus Nino, because he is near the place. Atleast we dont have to sardine ourselves going back. 🙂

What made my migh a sleepless one is that we talked about ghost stories inside the taxi. SCARY! I wondered how manong shut his ears while we are having the conversation so that he will not be afraid once he is alone. hehe..

This has been a lenghty one. I hope that we can have one of those night fo FREE again. 🙂

Wag Kang Lilingon
November 26, 2006, 8:17 pm
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wag kang lilingon

House Council decided to go to a movie, after should I say tiring Planning Sem. A treat after all those debates and senseful conversations on the futute of me beloved dormitory-YAKAL.

At first we were hesistant to watch this film because Athan, gave this film a bad review as perceived by his friend. So we decided to go for Happy Feet, we argued but later agreed to watch Wag Kang Lilingon on the grounds of giving us something to shout our lungs out.

Together with Yes, Myk, Raymond, Athan and ofcourse Junjie hurried to SM NORTH cinema 8 to watch the film. We are so glad we just arrived on time. WE watched it from start. SPOILERS alert. hehe..

The movie starts with Melissa being someone who can see dead people during her shifts at 3am. Deaths were common inside the hospital and were being blamed for this doctor, who is so aloof with others. When things turn so scary were in Melissa started to be chased by this ghostly apperances, she turned to James her boyfriend and then all of a sudden she became this mad girl that utters the words “Wag Kang Lilingon” to James that she eventually kills.

Another story revolves around the family who is continuously being haunted by these unsightly apparitions, because Angel has opened the port through the mirror. The mirror has been a witness to a crime that has been committed by the caretaker of the house. And according to her friend that is a spiritist, in order to free them she has to go back. Unfortunately the caretaker were suspicious that they were there to gather enough information and send him to prison, so the caretaker decided to kill her. And eventually he did kill her with Nina, her little sister, seeing this traumatic experience.

The twist of the story is that Nina and Melissa is one, she decides to work in that hospital because it is the house their family previously settled. And she continues to kill as a revenge to her family.

I like the film, I’d really enjoyed it, the visuals are good I can say. a merit to Quark Henares and his team, good work! Will this be the start of quality films done by Filipino film makers.

I’d better stop, writing this at the halls of Yia hall, give me the creeps. hehe.. 🙂

What the…
November 26, 2006, 7:37 pm
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Nakaktuwa lang isipin na nasa isa akong picture na kinunan sa Coke Barkada Planet.

As I was browsing their webpage, I found this nitty gritty picture. Find me!!! hehe.

Ang saya no, you can actually seee yourself from some, uhm. Big company like, Coke…

ako nasa pic

Isa ito sa mga gusto kong gawin actually be a volunteer to some worthwhile organization, intro nga pla to this endeavor. Well, pardon me for not reminding the date. You know me, so forgetful. Penny, my orgmate, was invited to join this event. She wants me to be a part of it so she invited me to come and introduce me to the event organizers. hehe. Nakita ko pa nga sila Claire Zanoria dito. hehe. Gumising ng maaga at may free breakfast, saya nga eh. Tapos lecture on LaMesa Dam and some guidelines to do when planting a tree. Ang saya niya. Gusto ko pa nga sumama ulit eh.. Kelan kaya ung susunod na ganito? 🙂

Registration Almost Over
November 14, 2006, 9:43 am
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Thank goodness!

Grabe ito na yata ung pinaka matagalm kong reg ever. SA nga ako at may priority. Kaya lang meron mga nangyari last sem na sobrang ikinaasar ko. Bagsak ako ng 41.. huhu.. so di ako makakakuha ng 51 and in turn 52 and 105. Grabe talaga mga profs, akalain mo 20 point na lang. Masasabi ba nila na wala as in wala akong natutunan. Hay naku talaga.. Grabe ung expirence na un. O well tapos na un, naisumpa na ung dapat isumpa. hehe. Joke lang. Di ako ganoon. Cguro nga part ung nga mga pinaggagagawa ko nung 1st sem.

PubComm Head, Internals, SA, Racket, NSCM Core, etc etc.

Kaya nga ngayon dapat magbagong buhay na. hehe. At eto na ung simula, hehe. Tapos na ako ng reg, ung mga subjects ko na this sem ung mga aasikasuhin ko.. Yahoo. Mukhang magiging ok ung sem na ito. I do pray na sana nga maganda ung sem na ito.

Nagshift na nga pala ako to EE, and ngayon ko lang narerealize na mukhang magugustuhan ko ung mga trabaho ng EE.. Yahoo.. I do pray na I would enjoy this sem and really see my potential as a true EE student.. 🙂

Wow, grabe ung mga pinagdaanan kong reg na ito, And I thank God malapit na akong matapos. Hay!

2nd SEM here I come(with HighHOPES)!!!