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Wag Kang Lilingon
November 26, 2006, 8:17 pm
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wag kang lilingon

House Council decided to go to a movie, after should I say tiring Planning Sem. A treat after all those debates and senseful conversations on the futute of me beloved dormitory-YAKAL.

At first we were hesistant to watch this film because Athan, gave this film a bad review as perceived by his friend. So we decided to go for Happy Feet, we argued but later agreed to watch Wag Kang Lilingon on the grounds of giving us something to shout our lungs out.

Together with Yes, Myk, Raymond, Athan and ofcourse Junjie hurried to SM NORTH cinema 8 to watch the film. We are so glad we just arrived on time. WE watched it from start. SPOILERS alert. hehe..

The movie starts with Melissa being someone who can see dead people during her shifts at 3am. Deaths were common inside the hospital and were being blamed for this doctor, who is so aloof with others. When things turn so scary were in Melissa started to be chased by this ghostly apperances, she turned to James her boyfriend and then all of a sudden she became this mad girl that utters the words “Wag Kang Lilingon” to James that she eventually kills.

Another story revolves around the family who is continuously being haunted by these unsightly apparitions, because Angel has opened the port through the mirror. The mirror has been a witness to a crime that has been committed by the caretaker of the house. And according to her friend that is a spiritist, in order to free them she has to go back. Unfortunately the caretaker were suspicious that they were there to gather enough information and send him to prison, so the caretaker decided to kill her. And eventually he did kill her with Nina, her little sister, seeing this traumatic experience.

The twist of the story is that Nina and Melissa is one, she decides to work in that hospital because it is the house their family previously settled. And she continues to kill as a revenge to her family.

I like the film, I’d really enjoyed it, the visuals are good I can say. a merit to Quark Henares and his team, good work! Will this be the start of quality films done by Filipino film makers.

I’d better stop, writing this at the halls of Yia hall, give me the creeps. hehe.. 🙂


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