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November 26, 2006, 7:37 pm
Filed under: Happy Post

Nakaktuwa lang isipin na nasa isa akong picture na kinunan sa Coke Barkada Planet.

As I was browsing their webpage, I found this nitty gritty picture. Find me!!! hehe.

Ang saya no, you can actually seee yourself from some, uhm. Big company like, Coke…

ako nasa pic

Isa ito sa mga gusto kong gawin actually be a volunteer to some worthwhile organization, intro nga pla to this endeavor. Well, pardon me for not reminding the date. You know me, so forgetful. Penny, my orgmate, was invited to join this event. She wants me to be a part of it so she invited me to come and introduce me to the event organizers. hehe. Nakita ko pa nga sila Claire Zanoria dito. hehe. Gumising ng maaga at may free breakfast, saya nga eh. Tapos lecture on LaMesa Dam and some guidelines to do when planting a tree. Ang saya niya. Gusto ko pa nga sumama ulit eh.. Kelan kaya ung susunod na ganito? 🙂


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