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Japan and Philippines Friendship Day Celebrated
November 28, 2006, 10:26 am
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Yesterday, I texted Penny so we can have dinner together. When all of a sudden she invited me to join the JAPANESE ENKA celebration. I am so hungry that time, but I decided to go as well. Together with her friends Ate Sofie, Andrea and her roommate and Nino, we head our way to Philam Auditorium. The taxi went all wrong when he thought it is PhilAm Homes.. hehe. 🙂

We arrived there 30 mins late and the place were jampacked.  Where wil we sit? We decided to take a chair beside the venuebut we are greeted with a NO, NO by this guard. O well, we have not bothered returning them and it ended up the guard returning them.. hahe. Bad boys and girls.. 🙂

Penny and I decided to take our dinner in McDo since it hasn’t started yet. We rush our way back and saw this pack of people rushing thier way to the Audi, so we stayed a little late cause we know that they were the group they are waiting for and they need to dress up. We finished eating and we arrived just in time. hehe..

We are greeted with dances from Hiya Dance Comp. A dance from Mindanao, Visayas and later Luzon folks. And we truly enjoyed them. It is a showcase of cultures, so the next part is from the Japanese, I really didn’t enjoy it. The fact that it doesn’t have a transalation, they are all speaking in Japanese there. C’mon! That made me realize, I have to learn Japanese. ASAP. hehe.. Anyway, they should have atleast translated the words they are trying yo say. I CANT UNDERSTAND A THING!

Then we were amazed with the “Asian-version” of LasVegas. Follies MWAH. I can say that it is good watching them. I really admired them. If only they have more time. We didnt finish the whole show, we have grown tired of the senseless talking we do not understand.

We ate at Chowking(the second time), and have a chit chat. ANd the nice thing about it is we made friends with the Japanese Andrea conversed with. hehe. We rode a taxi back to UP minus Nino, because he is near the place. Atleast we dont have to sardine ourselves going back. 🙂

What made my migh a sleepless one is that we talked about ghost stories inside the taxi. SCARY! I wondered how manong shut his ears while we are having the conversation so that he will not be afraid once he is alone. hehe..

This has been a lenghty one. I hope that we can have one of those night fo FREE again. 🙂


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