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Icy ACM Christmas Party
December 19, 2006, 11:47 am
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It was a blast!

I was at SM Mall of Asia at around 10:30am because I have decided to go online and check my mails but apparently I changed my mind because I saw Vanie and the rest of the gang outside the Pizza Hut Stall, so I decided to tag along with them and have a chat. What’s with **l** and ***l?? hehe.. Issue.. Anyway we had our mouths full and decided to watch Sabrina Par, she will be performing with UP Manila Orchestra, say what? dont ask me, first time I heard this choir. O well, they are good! 🙂

We decided to Ice Skates, to get the feeling of it. But others do not want to because it very very cold, and some can’t afford the 180 pesos to be individually shouldered by members, 100 sponsored by the org. so decided on 3 things, arcade, movies, karaoke. We cannot find a large karaoke area, so we erase the idea; we do not want to waste our money on a temporary joys of arcade so NO! Movie, not good movie. Then we are back to Ice Skating, wohoo. When Ate Sonia offered a helping hand, that is what really give everyone an exciting feeling, TJ and I started to walk like we are on ice already.. hehe..

Finally, we have our boots and helmet “better safe than sorry” hehe.. Now we are off! Whatdafuck! It is so hard! My muscle ache and my bones, it hurts! Wooho.. At least we all had fun, and that is what really important. Go ACM! Kaasar naman kelangan ko tuloy maging active dito.. hehe.. Joke.. Gusto ko talagang mag-active dito. 🙂

Ayun hanggang sa next ACM Christmas Party! Kudos!

Pics here!


MTV Summit
December 6, 2006, 10:25 am
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Sad to say this will be thier last MTV Summit, well I think because of the change in its present administration. I really do hope that they would onsider to do this thing again. Many of the youths today still need to be educated of the risks involved on having AIDS, and the things to be done inorder to prevent it. 🙂

From Blue Gate –> Student Gate (Shenna and friends) –> VIP Gate. How cool is that. Tell me! hahaha.

How did we do it? Simple. We are 5 in our group. 3 VIP tickets and 1 Sponsor ID, thanks to Penny. 🙂 Now do the Math… Here’s the thing, as Sponsor, you are entitled to cross the security check without a ticket. So there it goes, uses the Sponsor ID two time and walla, 5 people inside the VIP area. Cool. Way to cool..

See related pics.

Multiply Account
December 6, 2006, 9:36 am
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I have recently sign-up for a Multiply account Yipee more chance to upload some pics.. 🙂


Are you asking me why, well one thing is that it is becoming so popular among my friends so I have decided why not try it? hehe..Second thing is that I like the feel of Multiply, so teenager.. hehe.. feeler.. 🙂