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ACCENTURE SLC: What a Blast!
January 17, 2007, 11:18 pm
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This is the second time I’ll be writing my experiences on the event, and you know what it doesn’t make me feel lazy. In fact I like writing about it. I don’t know if I can summarrize the whole experience in this blog but let give this a try. Memories suddenly came rushing in my head. Fun memories I should say, where no problems were literally abound each one of us, many of us were free of the monotonous life at school..

It all began with the invitation that I take seriously, to making this stupid video, thank God it wasn’t shown on breaks. And to being congratulated as one of the said event. I was so happy, who wouldn’t its in Taal Vista one of the finest hotel there is, and I can atest to that, after being housed for almost 3 days there. Kuya Lawrence picked us (Joenil, Cesar and me) at the back of Quezon Hall, then we went to the Cybergate where one of the so many offices of Accenture was. There we were treated with a sumptuos feast, of Pizza and fried chicken. I eat a little though, shy? not really, not feeling so into eating a lot. hehe… We have to leave early because it is getting so dark. And finally we have arrived after a 2 hour ride from Cybergate.

Such a grandeur hotel, very cozy. We were then given our kits and room assignments. I was assigned in room 215 but because of some error I was then transferred to room 225. O my God where is my roommate? O well, such a lonely room I should say, no one to talk to. But I like the feel of it, being alone.. hehe.. A blessing I guess, no queueu in taking a bath at your own time pace, not worrying that somebody is waiting to get his turn. I like the hotel so much! I hope we lasted longer. Not so much has happened in the first day, we ate our dinner and a small activity was held. It is to group ourselves according to the stanza of a song that we have to find each other to complete it. We should have finished earlier if we have known what to do next. We finished third.. Go VIOLET team. A little chit chat and we are off, we are so competetive, we planned to wake up early because we thought that there will be prize. We later found out that only a winner was proclaimed, he was from Ateneo.

Day , this is where the fun really begins and ends? We were greeted with a variety of dishes at breakfast, there were a mountainful of Bacon, wide variety of cereals, drinks to choose from, you can even ask the cook to make you an omelette or any kind of fried egg. You choose! There are so plenty of food to choose from! Then the talk on Accenture its core values was served, and I think this is the company that really suits me. Then the activity began! We started off with the game called Total Domination, a game of trivia and then of dares in exchange of thousands of dollars. I like the host though so full of energy. Then we have this sort of amazing race where we have to go to stations to gain money that we needed to get 100 Million Dollars.. Wooh! At first try with one of the station. Kaize, I love that game. We were so unfocused that we did not understood that the game is good for 15 minutes but each trial is only for 15 seconds, hows that. Anyway we did it on our second trial, Beat that. Thanks to Rody and his uncanny ability to see through the cards.. hehe.. šŸ™‚ But bad, tha game is too simple that we did not gamble so much. Anyway we went to our next station the football race, where we have to go around the circle. We won again, in cooperation with other teams but again we were so unsure before the games starts that is why we just gamble some. Then we went to our next game Sudoko, I thought we can do it, but then again. We were wrong we lost and the worst part of it all was that we bet so much that is why we lost so much.. šŸ˜¦ Then the collaboration with other team stated to surfaced, and the Rainbow Alliance was formed minus Orange. And we did extraordinary task to accomplish our target. From helping other team to doing the task for them. šŸ™‚

I was so tired that I did not join the party, instead I watch the TV (Travel and Leisure Channel) and watch the houses of the millionares. Such a loser, I didn’t go to the party! I regret it so much. O well that is life! The next day I decided to use the bath tub, and man that was so relaxing with all the warm water all over me. I want to try that again. Please! hehe. šŸ™‚ And of to breakfast, again with so many food to choose from. This is LIFE! šŸ™‚

The next talk has really insipres me to work at accenture. I like to travel, and this guy by the name of Darwin Soriano, is being paid to travel, well not really just to travel but to work. But hey! I like that work! And it is time for awarding the winners, congrats Roy for winning the Accenture Leader award. This is awarded to the person the exemplify the 3 core values of an Accenture leader, Value Creator, Business Operator and (i forgot, I am sorry) Congrats Roy!

And I am to my town, alone. I have to commute because the hired buses were out of the way. Bye to the Conference I will forever cherish. See you soon Violet team! :))


Appendicitis Info
January 17, 2007, 6:48 pm
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For so many years now, I have a YM encounter with Larnelle Feliciano. My HighSchool classmate and consider him as a friend. He is credited for co-making our graduation song.. šŸ™‚

We were talking about his plans of continuing masters after finishing undergrad, and I told him that it is great. He can finish undergrad and then master all in 5 years, unlike of course in here where 5 years consists of undergrad only, unless otherwise you are so good..:)

And then all of a sudden he said that he was just released from an operation in his appendix then I ask him on how to determine if you have one, he told me that

“ganito daw, pag sobrang sakit tapos di ka naman nagugutom or najejebs, try lifting your legs, pag di mo maitaas ang right leg mo as high as you left leg can dahil sa sakit, then malamang appendisitis nga yun… ”

Ayun, kaya if meron ng sumasakit sa inyo dyan, do this simple excercise.. šŸ™‚

“Congratulations” – Accenture
January 10, 2007, 9:19 am
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Yahoo! I have been e-mailed by Accenture a year ago regarding the Seminar that I am so excited about. But just recently they e-mailed of the details on what to expect, what to wear. Etc.. šŸ™‚

I dont know what to say but just wait until I get there, of course I will share some pics of the event. I hope I could enjoy this. An all expense paid to Tagaytay. WOW!


To get the feel of what the Accenture company do. Here is the link.. šŸ™‚ so excited, I dont know what to expect I hope I’ll be having fun though.. šŸ™‚

Excerpt from the e-mail they send.

” What do bring? How should we dress up?

Nothing really special to bring. We will be providing you with an Event Kit that will contain things that you will be needing for the conference.

Attire is casual, and I know for most students that means jeans and sport shirts, for the most part, that is. Saturday is when there will be lots of activities and challenges, both physical and mental, hence you may want to also bring your sweatpants or jogging pants, sneakers or rubber shoes and probably small towels.

For those on medications, please don’t forget to bring your medicines. Although we have our own medical kits, we may not have the ones that you need.

What should we expect?

Attached in this email is the agenda for the three-day event. As you can see, there will be some talks, and as I have mentioned above, physical and mental challenges.

What should I not fail to bring?

Your waiver/medical questionnaire signed by your parents or guardians. We need them to make sure that you have been allowed by your parents or guardians to attend this conference. More importantly though, we need them to know if there’s anyone who has medical condition we need to be aware of. It is for your own safety, not ours, that we’re requiring the signed waiver/questionnaire to be submitted. ”

World Pyro Olympics
January 10, 2007, 9:06 am
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My family decided to watch the 2nd World PyroOlympics last Jan 6, 2007 because they were so amazed by the duration of the fireworks display. And of course we all agreed to go, we texted Ate Lorena to see if she can come tofether with Rayyan, but she can because of an overnight shift at the Hospital. She later told us to just pick up Rayyan, but we thought he is too young to appreciate such display.

We wish we could have travelled earlier to avoid the rush because of the mass number of people will come to see the show, we left the house at around 6pm and already it is jampacked at Coastal Road. We arrived at the mall around 7:45 just in time to meet Kuya Russell at Gerry’s Grille. Hay! He told us to meet hm there but no, he is the one who is far from the meeting place.. ARGGHH! We are all just angry but hey this is the time we get together and watch the scenic view.

Then the first spark were heard and a rush of people earger to go at the bay suddenlystop in wahtever they are doing and just stood there all in awe by the show. Well there are some who just CANT seem to shut there mouth up and murmur this irritating sound of a pretentious grin. NO! I won’t be bothered by some nonsense talk. I liked the display, although there is a time during the show that you feel. After this, what is next? That doesn’t bother me to much because of the view we saw. I personally like the sperm-like fireworks, that looks like swimming in the dark background. And the fireworks that are so huge it looks like it is going to our place. I just stood there for around 30-45 mins and then suddenly at the end of the show, Kuya Russell saw me and we are now complete.

My mother and I decided to go to Hypermart to buy stuff in preperation of 1st Birthday pf Rayyan, while we wait for another show of some country (we didn’t know, LOSERS!) Anyway, we arrived at the rooftop of the covered parking space in time for the 2nd show. And this is also good show, but I liked the first one. šŸ™‚

We thought we could go home as soon as the show ends but NO!!! The place has so many cars that the one near the ground gets to go home, and the car crash from the exit added to the traffic. ARGGHHH! We come out at around 12midnight!

Here are the pics.. šŸ™‚

January 6, 2007, 7:50 am
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I have received my exam paper in MS1 and EE152 yesterday, and somehow I got high grades relative to the ones I got when I am NOT studying. But there is this lingering of unsatisfaction, I think I can still make it a little higher, IF ONLY.. hehe. šŸ™‚

That is why on next exams I have to work harder! Special care on CE22 (I think I flunked the first exam), MS1 (more reviewing), EE152 (I think Likha will nake this a little tougher by the next exams)

Go RAFFY! šŸ™‚

January 6, 2007, 7:44 am
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I was so sleepy yesterday.. hehe.

What I am really trying to say is that, I hope this year would be something that I will forever cherish and something life-changing.

In the mean time, time to finish my MP and other tasks to be completed in my to-do list in my Rainlendar program, thanks to Salvs for giving me the installer. Then later, Fireworks Competition at MoA.. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy! Hope to upload some pics by Monday..

And of course HEROES marathon maybe tomorrow, to finish the 11 episodes I have thanks to Gelotz.

What a day… šŸ™‚

Happy New Year!
January 5, 2007, 11:57 pm
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New Hopes and New Goals..

Another year of living. hehe.. What are the highlights of my life in the year 2006? One that really got me is my subject in EEE, well I’m starting to forget it.. Really I am trying.. hahaha.. O well, this is life we all have to FAIL at some point. But as they put it, it is how you recover from those failures that make you!

IĀ  just hope that I don’t get too obsessed in failing, I have my own plans.. hehe. šŸ™‚

Anyway, the school has already started we are now on its 3rd day of its opening. And still I’m on vacation *WAKE up sleepy head* Results of the exams were released and I am somewhat happy and a little sad. hehe.. as I say it mixed emotions. One subject gave me a little higher score while that other is on the average, but wait there’s more, we discussed or exam and MAN I think mine is so much different from what we disccussed. I just do hope that I can still recover from that lose. Anyway better study much harder these days, my goal is to have a CS or US standing this semester. I really do hope I can achieve this. This should be a testimony of what I can really do. Good Luck!!

I haven’t blogged this, but here it is. I have my new laptop “Laffy Taffy” a 57k worth machine from Japan. This is the time to thank all the people who helped me to buy this laptop. Ma, for lending 50k and subsidizing it for 10k. Leya for selecting a good laptop. THANKS. Oops Daddy for giving me 7k for the laptop.. hehe.. So far I am on the process of trying to figure out some of the Japanese stuffs in my keyboard and memorizing the symbol with their corresponding number. Hope to get a hang of it by the end of this month. It is so huge I must say and difficult to carry, what can I do I haven’t visualize what a 15.4″ looks like. But it is perfectly fine to me, as long as I can use it as long as i want to. That is what really matters. šŸ™‚

This reminds me, that my phone is already a year old, and I hope it can last much longer. Some of its keys are already deteriorating, I do hope it can last year more or two.Ā  I tried to update its software, but it just cant be..