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Happy New Year!
January 5, 2007, 11:57 pm
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New Hopes and New Goals..

Another year of living. hehe.. What are the highlights of my life in the year 2006? One that really got me is my subject in EEE, well I’m starting to forget it.. Really I am trying.. hahaha.. O well, this is life we all have to FAIL at some point. But as they put it, it is how you recover from those failures that make you!

I  just hope that I don’t get too obsessed in failing, I have my own plans.. hehe. 🙂

Anyway, the school has already started we are now on its 3rd day of its opening. And still I’m on vacation *WAKE up sleepy head* Results of the exams were released and I am somewhat happy and a little sad. hehe.. as I say it mixed emotions. One subject gave me a little higher score while that other is on the average, but wait there’s more, we discussed or exam and MAN I think mine is so much different from what we disccussed. I just do hope that I can still recover from that lose. Anyway better study much harder these days, my goal is to have a CS or US standing this semester. I really do hope I can achieve this. This should be a testimony of what I can really do. Good Luck!!

I haven’t blogged this, but here it is. I have my new laptop “Laffy Taffy” a 57k worth machine from Japan. This is the time to thank all the people who helped me to buy this laptop. Ma, for lending 50k and subsidizing it for 10k. Leya for selecting a good laptop. THANKS. Oops Daddy for giving me 7k for the laptop.. hehe.. So far I am on the process of trying to figure out some of the Japanese stuffs in my keyboard and memorizing the symbol with their corresponding number. Hope to get a hang of it by the end of this month. It is so huge I must say and difficult to carry, what can I do I haven’t visualize what a 15.4″ looks like. But it is perfectly fine to me, as long as I can use it as long as i want to. That is what really matters. 🙂

This reminds me, that my phone is already a year old, and I hope it can last much longer. Some of its keys are already deteriorating, I do hope it can last year more or two.  I tried to update its software, but it just cant be..


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