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World Pyro Olympics
January 10, 2007, 9:06 am
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My family decided to watch the 2nd World PyroOlympics last Jan 6, 2007 because they were so amazed by the duration of the fireworks display. And of course we all agreed to go, we texted Ate Lorena to see if she can come tofether with Rayyan, but she can because of an overnight shift at the Hospital. She later told us to just pick up Rayyan, but we thought he is too young to appreciate such display.

We wish we could have travelled earlier to avoid the rush because of the mass number of people will come to see the show, we left the house at around 6pm and already it is jampacked at Coastal Road. We arrived at the mall around 7:45 just in time to meet Kuya Russell at Gerry’s Grille. Hay! He told us to meet hm there but no, he is the one who is far from the meeting place.. ARGGHH! We are all just angry but hey this is the time we get together and watch the scenic view.

Then the first spark were heard and a rush of people earger to go at the bay suddenlystop in wahtever they are doing and just stood there all in awe by the show. Well there are some who just CANT seem to shut there mouth up and murmur this irritating sound of a pretentious grin. NO! I won’t be bothered by some nonsense talk. I liked the display, although there is a time during the show that you feel. After this, what is next? That doesn’t bother me to much because of the view we saw. I personally like the sperm-like fireworks, that looks like swimming in the dark background. And the fireworks that are so huge it looks like it is going to our place. I just stood there for around 30-45 mins and then suddenly at the end of the show, Kuya Russell saw me and we are now complete.

My mother and I decided to go to Hypermart to buy stuff in preperation of 1st Birthday pf Rayyan, while we wait for another show of some country (we didn’t know, LOSERS!) Anyway, we arrived at the rooftop of the covered parking space in time for the 2nd show. And this is also good show, but I liked the first one. 🙂

We thought we could go home as soon as the show ends but NO!!! The place has so many cars that the one near the ground gets to go home, and the car crash from the exit added to the traffic. ARGGHHH! We come out at around 12midnight!

Here are the pics.. 🙂


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Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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