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ACCENTURE SLC: What a Blast!
January 17, 2007, 11:18 pm
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This is the second time I’ll be writing my experiences on the event, and you know what it doesn’t make me feel lazy. In fact I like writing about it. I don’t know if I can summarrize the whole experience in this blog but let give this a try. Memories suddenly came rushing in my head. Fun memories I should say, where no problems were literally abound each one of us, many of us were free of the monotonous life at school..

It all began with the invitation that I take seriously, to making this stupid video, thank God it wasn’t shown on breaks. And to being congratulated as one of the said event. I was so happy, who wouldn’t its in Taal Vista one of the finest hotel there is, and I can atest to that, after being housed for almost 3 days there. Kuya Lawrence picked us (Joenil, Cesar and me) at the back of Quezon Hall, then we went to the Cybergate where one of the so many offices of Accenture was. There we were treated with a sumptuos feast, of Pizza and fried chicken. I eat a little though, shy? not really, not feeling so into eating a lot. hehe… We have to leave early because it is getting so dark. And finally we have arrived after a 2 hour ride from Cybergate.

Such a grandeur hotel, very cozy. We were then given our kits and room assignments. I was assigned in room 215 but because of some error I was then transferred to room 225. O my God where is my roommate? O well, such a lonely room I should say, no one to talk to. But I like the feel of it, being alone.. hehe.. A blessing I guess, no queueu in taking a bath at your own time pace, not worrying that somebody is waiting to get his turn. I like the hotel so much! I hope we lasted longer. Not so much has happened in the first day, we ate our dinner and a small activity was held. It is to group ourselves according to the stanza of a song that we have to find each other to complete it. We should have finished earlier if we have known what to do next. We finished third.. Go VIOLET team. A little chit chat and we are off, we are so competetive, we planned to wake up early because we thought that there will be prize. We later found out that only a winner was proclaimed, he was from Ateneo.

Day , this is where the fun really begins and ends? We were greeted with a variety of dishes at breakfast, there were a mountainful of Bacon, wide variety of cereals, drinks to choose from, you can even ask the cook to make you an omelette or any kind of fried egg. You choose! There are so plenty of food to choose from! Then the talk on Accenture its core values was served, and I think this is the company that really suits me. Then the activity began! We started off with the game called Total Domination, a game of trivia and then of dares in exchange of thousands of dollars. I like the host though so full of energy. Then we have this sort of amazing race where we have to go to stations to gain money that we needed to get 100 Million Dollars.. Wooh! At first try with one of the station. Kaize, I love that game. We were so unfocused that we did not understood that the game is good for 15 minutes but each trial is only for 15 seconds, hows that. Anyway we did it on our second trial, Beat that. Thanks to Rody and his uncanny ability to see through the cards.. hehe.. πŸ™‚ But bad, tha game is too simple that we did not gamble so much. Anyway we went to our next station the football race, where we have to go around the circle. We won again, in cooperation with other teams but again we were so unsure before the games starts that is why we just gamble some. Then we went to our next game Sudoko, I thought we can do it, but then again. We were wrong we lost and the worst part of it all was that we bet so much that is why we lost so much.. 😦 Then the collaboration with other team stated to surfaced, and the Rainbow Alliance was formed minus Orange. And we did extraordinary task to accomplish our target. From helping other team to doing the task for them. πŸ™‚

I was so tired that I did not join the party, instead I watch the TV (Travel and Leisure Channel) and watch the houses of the millionares. Such a loser, I didn’t go to the party! I regret it so much. O well that is life! The next day I decided to use the bath tub, and man that was so relaxing with all the warm water all over me. I want to try that again. Please! hehe. πŸ™‚ And of to breakfast, again with so many food to choose from. This is LIFE! πŸ™‚

The next talk has really insipres me to work at accenture. I like to travel, and this guy by the name of Darwin Soriano, is being paid to travel, well not really just to travel but to work. But hey! I like that work! And it is time for awarding the winners, congrats Roy for winning the Accenture Leader award. This is awarded to the person the exemplify the 3 core values of an Accenture leader, Value Creator, Business Operator and (i forgot, I am sorry) Congrats Roy!

And I am to my town, alone. I have to commute because the hired buses were out of the way. Bye to the Conference I will forever cherish. See you soon Violet team! :))


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darwin soriano is FAG.

Comment by sd1

he’s a fag you should have noticed it by now.

Comment by janice

haha. funny. darwin is not a fag. those that commented above are losers!

Comment by miles

obviously you’re one of his gay minions.

Comment by missyuniverse

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