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February 1, 2007, 9:38 am
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It has been a long time since I last logged in and finally, I have enough time to do 2 post today. Just recently, exectly last Sun we went to Anilao, MABINI (in case you do not know) Batangas.

As early as 4:30 am (the time we arrived to the UP Checkpoint), thanks for Char, Giselle and Ate Geline for waking me up; perople are already busy arranging our classmates. Name tags were given color-coded per group. And suddenly it hit me, I forgot to bring my list of those people who paid, anyway I can see that once we get back. We proceed to our tour and went to our first stop. SHELL station in SLEX, we pickup 2 of our classmates there.

We arrived at DIVE 7000 resort at around 9:15 just as scheduled. We were greeted then by the managing/orner of the resort by a warning for those who doesn’t know how to swim. The currents were going to the China Sea in the morning and back in the afternoon. We were also advised that when there is a drowning person, see to it that he/she is so tired, before tring to help because drowning people tend to drown others.

Some of the activities we have done: picture taking, picture taking and picture taking.. šŸ™‚ NO! Some are pretty interesting, we went MANTA TOWING. What is that? A kind of surveying under water, classifying the type of corals and identifying how many percentage are there of the same classification. And it was FUN! I just hate it when the water is always finding itself in my nose..ARGHH!! We also went snorkelling, so many live corals and colorful fishes.

That’s all in the morning, during lunch we were served with a sumptuous meal. My belly went aching after I finish eating my meal. It was delicious, I should say.

In the afternoon, we went Fish Census, data were drawn to the slab. It was also fun.

I enjoyed the whole trip but the work is not yet finished we were wrong in counting.. we have to pay additional 15 pesos per person. SAD.. Well I hope my classmates would understand.

SOme pics here..


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