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Rich is in the HOUSE
March 5, 2007, 10:58 am
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Last week, during the service when it is announced that Pastor Rich will be preaching this Sunday’s Service I was so excited. He is Pastor Carlo’s guide and I heard many good things about him. Then it came 9am at ClubO. hehe.. I was surprised by the multitudes of people coming in for the service, we arrived just in time for the worship and it is great! I love it, that it doesn’t bother me at all that the speakers are so close to me ang Mel.

I learned so matny things on the preaching, Promises that God have on every people on earth. He is so lively when he preach, and it doesn’t bore me at all. I like the way he performs the revelations that he has to share. The testimonies were so great. he came from ARIZONA and the hot of the sun is so real that you can literally fry an egg. And having Air Conditioner is NEVER a luxury it is a necessity. And they have to built a church there with not enough money. But in Jesus name he knew that money will never be a problem.

He also shared that we should be excited of the promises of God to us. And that is one thing I thing that I do not have, the excitement of God’s promise to me.

And just recently I bought a notebook to write my devotions in and the learnings I would be getting on the Service and Post Encounter. I hope to be a better Christian now..:)


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