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March 12, 2007, 9:59 am
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The movie that will surely haunt my week. A movie of epic proportions that embody the storyline.

300-Frank Miller

It is a good treat of my good friend from Accenture SLC-Roy Leonin. Thank You bro! hehe. He won a leadership award and the grand prize is the movie of any choice to Globe Platinum Exclusive Cinema at Gateway. I was so happy when he finally announced the date when he will be treating, fortunately enough it was moved to a date that I am most comfortably free, on a Sunday-yesterday.

He also texted me to bring along a friend to accompany me of the treat. I was with my brother though because of his car. hehe.. 🙂 Waah I am just so happy it was the first time that I watched a movie at Globe Cinema 10. Unlimited drinks, popcorn, reclining chair, what else can you ask for.. WAHHH! I am so privileged and thankful to Roy.. hehe.. I think I will be addicted to go to that theater everytime I will go watch a movie.. It is so addicting. 🙂

Then the movie, well at first I really do not like the movie about history and soldiers and ancient story. But it just dragged me to this entirely different world where you get to appreciate those kind of stuffs. The story telling was so fine that I was awaken from my sleepiness. hehe.. Some of the aspects of the film are so great. I liked the special effects so much, it just really made me think, how did they do that? No way, is that for real? Every scene will really ask yourself that same intriguing question, is this for real? – legs being amputated, heads and hand being chopped. All the goriness was all there. hehe.. I also liked the comedy behind every story. When the Arkanians and Spartans meet to join forces, they were mocked on the number of Spartans to join the army and they were told: “You, what is your profession? – potter, and you? – smith, Spartans who are we? – SOLDIERS! (well I presume that is what I heard..:)) And King Leonidas continued – We have more soldiers that you have.” And other comedies from the movie.  The battle was superb! I couldn’t elaborate more.. hehe.  I personally liked theirs abs, no gay undertone over there.  Start building those abs now.. hehe..

Overall, it was a movie that everyone should be watching. A movie that I think, mature audiences will appreciate and gain something from. It is not all about fighting, but what you are fighting for, and not giving up to it. Fight to the end. Sacrifices that are worth remembering.



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