Life Goes On…

March 31, 2007, 12:10 pm
Filed under: Life in general

This sem would be my happiest.  I should say, no failing grades (I hope!)  The sem I get to know God like ever before. The sem where you would really enjoy WORKING.. Wow, I would love to thank my council and execomm mates. You have been a blessing to me and it is really good working with you guys. I wish I could just say these words to you, face to face. hehe.. God Bless for a great future ahead. Some innovations I see. First Ydolos, first Electronic Votation in Yakal WoW!.. hehe. I am just so happy.

Another thing that I am so happy about, is the people showing up to me just to say thank you,  for all that I have done for them. AHH! 🙂 First stop, Krishna. She has a problem with her exams in ME 63, and I am just thankful that God really worked for me there. I taught her, and she passed ME. WoW. That is why she treated for a breakfast.. Good!! 🙂 Secondly Daryl, Circuit member, I actually really don’t know what I did to him but hey, he thanked for the him being exempted in EEE 23 and 35. Smart boy.. 🙂

Wahh.. Wow, this sem was such a blast that I would not take any summer if work wouldn’t let me.. 🙂  I’m just so happy. First time that my sem finished when the sem really ends, gets? HEHE.. I really thank God for all of this. I just hope that next academic year would be something wonderful. Thanks!!! 🙂


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