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AEP Day 1
April 23, 2007, 10:03 pm
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My OJT formally started this day! I woke up as early as 4:30 to fix myself for the ahead. The dilis and eggplant still lingers my tongue. Delicious… I leave th house at around 6:00 am with a different route in mind. I believe this should be the fastest way to PIONEER from Bacoor, but Mom says the other way around. So back to the original route – van – mrt – walk.. 🙂

I arrived just in time early in fact, but my shyness contained me and I just didn’t have the courage to go inside and wait for someone I know. hehe.. I waited long before I have the courage to go in. Surrender my ID and have a Visitors pass. In the line I saw Kat, hesisitant at first to greet her but thank God she is still the COOL Kat I know, hehehe. She waited for my to get my ID and we went to seventh floor together. Thank you! extend my thanks to her Mapuan friends. 🙂

Then it started, Sir Gleen introduced himself until it is our time to introduce. err.. HS? College? kids? hehe.. But Sir Gleen told us that working with Accenture introducing to everyone is an SOP. hehe.. okay! 🙂

I am Rafael Soriano, ahmm currently taking EE at UP-Diliman, I am 20 but acts like 18…. hehe..

We then began to discussed the 6 core values Accenture people should have. Let me enumerate them for you!
1. Best People
2. Stewardship
3. Integrity
4. One Global Network
5. Client Value
6. Respect
I remembered them correctly. I hope.. hehe…

We had our lunch, and Vanie didn’t invite me to join her. huhu. sad. I guess you really have to rely on your PR skills to go with other group. Kat welcomed me with opened hands with Mapuan friends we ate at Tokyo Tokyo, this should I say have broken a record. I had my 4 cups of rice for the first time here. A really historical feat for me. 🙂 We walked then suddenly we saw some of our SLC mates. hehe. NICE! Helloooo… And unfortunately something came up with Kat, and we have to return to the room ASAP, whatever it is Kat, your secret is safe with me. hehe..

Continue with the discussion but before that, we played Charades, wahh!! I should say both teams are good. We correctly guessed the words. For my part -> HIMALA, wtf? how should I act this thing! waah, Thank God, someone guessed it, or else I will be the one that caused trouble to our group, and that is not FUN. 🙂

Before the session ends, we were grouped into 6, each with the tasked to recreate a scene that would feature one of the 6 Core Values. And thank God, we picked Best People, and the ideas were great, and I should say the acting as well.. hehe.. “BEST PEOPLE” Kristine suggests that we have to utter only one word. Good thing, no memorization! Very good indeed! What we did is we recreate a scene of a new Project Manager(Me – BEST PEOPLE), with the assigned task that he cannot handle thanks to Project Lead(ACCENTURE). He seeks help with his mentor (CAN DO). The mentor shows him to his team mate that can help him to finish the work assigned (JAVA, .NET and COBOL) This is beautifully done with any practice. Nice Job! hehehe..:)

Kate leaves the room, still uttering the words we mentioned. One of the experiences I will cherish. hehe.. 🙂 Looking for a new exciting day ahead. 🙂


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