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May 5, 2007, 1:06 pm
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Currently I have been in OJT and I am somewhat liking it. hehe.. I’ve been hired in Accenture last April 23 and since then there’s this feeling of looking forward for another day working with the wonderful people around me. I really liked the team that I am part of, I really believe that we make through this with an ACE.. Go SUGARRUSH! I really do not have any idea of what career path I am going to take right now. I hope GOD has a good one in store for me. Oppurtunies to suddenly show up in front of me. I really like to apply what I have learned in my 5-6? years in college, but it faith leads me to a different path. Let’s just see.. I must say I miss UP life! Posting my first day experience one of these days.. 🙂

I celebrated my Birthday this year differently. Mom cooked her specialty last May 1 and that’s it. Usual birthday greetings and that is it. Denise called, that’s something new. My coworkers didn’t sing a song for me. I have known someone with the same birthday as I have. Francis, love of life ni KAT.. 🙂 Celebrated some of it at Burgoo with Ate JO… Turn over ceremony of sort. I like the food there, but Oh NO! That is someking of expensive for me, an ordinary Student Assistant.. 🙂

What is now? Recently, just this morning, a meeting with Sir Feria for the ACM plans this year. And my God they are so many. That’s why EXTE members HELP!! hehe.. And this no mere exageration. This is for real, I guess my plans for CS standing this year will be no more than a DREAM. I hope not! I really want to prove something.. 🙂  And this afternoon a meeting with NEC.. huhu and to make matters worst, a meeting this evening – with Sir Alex. What a DAY! I hope that everything will work out fine.

 And yes I almost forgot. My family went swimming at Majayjay. I am enjoying really my not enrolling this summer. 🙂 Here are the pictures!

Plans for the next months. Plan the projects to come. And just do well with everything that comes my path. And am glad with the daily routine I am having now, I usually wake up early and do few repetitions of crunches to build up those ABS. hehe.. In time for CSIW R&R.. 🙂 Looking forward for my PAY this coming May 15..:) And I’ll be learning how to drive, can’t wait for that one. 🙂

Wish me LUCK!


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