Life Goes On…

May 6, 2007, 10:06 pm
Filed under: Life in general

I hate this day. I woke up early in the morning to fix my self up and be ready for the day ahead but to my dismay my brother is not up yet! ArG! He should be the example of a good brother right? He should stand up and ready the breakfast for us but no he kept on asleep! The dogs are so hungry because it is past breakfast already and was not doing anything. I on the other is doing all of these things:

1. Do the laundry – I do not know where Manang’s house is located.
2. Water the plants – ok, I guess he would ask me to do this but no, he does not even think of taking actions to tell me to water them, get my point?
3. Do household chores – wtf? he has not done a thing! Ang KAPAL ng mukha!! GOD!
4. Cook rice and lunch – he is so DAMN LAZY and I realy hate it, the fact the he said last night that “I am baby sitting someone tom.” Hello, he has done a thing!! I so hate it!
5. Feed the dogs – wtf? I am so tired last night and I still fed the dogs. So , what is his reason now!

I just so hate him! There si no sense of calling him “KUYA” in every sense of it. He is so DAMN lazy!!!! And so insensitive, what is his problem? I did everything in the house. I sometimes think that I live alone, and I really think that way. Where is he? hehe.. I am laughing now because of all this. I wrote an entry because of the thing he do, or should i say that things that he is NOT doing! hehe..

Sidenote: I now know how to cook SPAM, yep you heard me right. I love the SPAM I cook, it is so crunchy, I like it. And I discovered something new! I use the plate to coer my eyes from the cooking oil bursting out of the pan.

I just hope that he return back to his boarding house, I cannot stand another meal with him! I hope he do this right NOW!!! please!

Bilisan mo! Gutom na ako!” So insensitive….


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