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May 22, 2007, 10:20 am
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I dont understand this, I have been doing crunches for several months now and still I have those fats inside me.. hehe.. Especially on my abdominal part. Don’t I have the right for a lean body. hehe.. Besides, I am goping out with my Berckts. hehe.. I like them to see what I have been working on for the last 3 months? hehe.. 🙂 O well maybe I should stop drinking, those PSY people are doing this to me!! NO. hehe.. Infairness I agree with Juju, you are the one making your destiny and nobody even an ORG BI you, ultimately it will all boil down to what did you do, you own little actions that caused this. hehe. Some realization I just now realized. 🙂

Wow, from not having lean tummy to PSY. hehe.

Anyway, Accenture Educational Program recently concluded with a feast. I will surely miss those guys. *sniff* *sniff* Lace, paupload ng pic, hehe as if she can read this blog. And I hope no one does. hehe.. Sobrang thankful talaga ako sa SUGARRUSH team ang dami kong natutunan sa kanila, Alex, hindi kita malilimutan PERIOD! Kasi naman sobrnag galing. In every sense of the word! k KAKACH na kakwentuha ko the whole time na may seating arrangement na, sobrnag nakakamiss ung mga kulitan namin. hehe.. Nakakmiss tuloy, hehe. Naging crush ko pla siya for quite some time.. 🙂 Kila JONNEE, sa kakatype ng username at password niya. Kay CLA at ang kanyang mga LOST moments. k SUGAR at ang kanyang mga stress moments. K GRACE, the ever silent type. Ang galing talaga ng team na to! 🙂 Saya, syempre ung iba ko rin mga naging friends ko, ung mga BROKEBACK guys, hehe (MARIUS – leader, FRANCIS, MATT, LEM at LJ) Nakakmiss ung mga librehan sa BONI station.

Excited na ako mamaya sa aming bonding moment, sa MOA. Buti na lang malapit lang sa aking home!

Nakakmiss ung ESC ewan ko ba naging attach ako dun sobra, narealize ko na siguro dahil un alng ung hinandle ko un, I mean walang kasabay. Di katulad nung fourth year, kasabay ung Circuit at ung Yakal. GRabeng experience un… Ayoko na sanang maulit un ngayon pero ewan ko ba. hehe…;)

Anyway maguupload ako ng mga pictures galing sa phone ko. magaayos na ako ng mga files ko.. Hay! Panibagong year, panibagong outlook in life. hehe.. Eto na naman ako.. hehe.. 🙂

Wahh it so good to be back in UP, I feel secure. Back to business na ko mamaya.. 🙂


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eureka!! haha. i accidentally discover your blog. haha. i miss the aep na tuloy. hehe. be safe always raffy!

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