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Adjustment Period. Monday – HAPpY Day!
June 22, 2007, 10:17 pm
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This week is the real test of the things to come, one thing is for sure, I have to change the way it was planned. I have never studied a single lesson. I need to get my life back. Bring me back my dorm. And the sad fact is, I cannot continue with my cell because of this things. the guilt in me starting to take its toll.  I really have to attend a session.

The NEC will be having its first pictorial together and I am so excited. What will my co NEC will look like. Thank goodness, I confirm the studio in Philcoa where we are supposed to meet and where our photos will be taken. They dont have a studio there? Wierd!?

My parents brought my things in the lab, at around 8pm with guess what.. A new car. Wow, cant believe it! We have a new car it is a Honda car. And we test drive it, it is so cool. Here is a photo of our car…

Honda 1.5 MT

I want to go home to try this off, one more time..:)

I have to see Helen for the payment of the poste I made for ACM. All the hassle just to get to her. Wow! Time management, very very important. I wanted to attend Circuit’s GA, but I was enticed by Roy to attend EE’s GA for the hope of getting hold of a pizza slice. But we end up attending Sir Wali’s class without the pizza. O well, thats life. For the future EE students. Kudos!

What I really like to do is to perform in front of the freshies, the skit that is done my Circuit yearly, sad to note that I wasn’t able to be apart of it this time around. I exchange this idea, with meeting Nice to give the money collected through the water refilling station. This formally ends my term and also my connection to Yakal.. huhu.. I will miss that dorm. Damn it!  I planned to go to SM, mainly because I wanted to have a new shoes and acad stuffs. Thanks heaven and the money just poured right in front of me and it was only 66%  of the total that I would be getting. WHOA! I bought a pair of shoes, I planning to buy another one though. Bought a shirt, just then and there, because I thought that the cash coupon can be used for the clothes, but no, you have to have a minimum purchase of 500 just to avail of the Cash Coupon.

And other surprises still awaits me. Hay! I hope these would be a great one! Good Luck to me!


First Test of Survival
June 15, 2007, 10:05 pm
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This is IT!

Start of the hurdles to come, it began last June 12, start of classes, and still I don’t have a place to go to. Thank GOD, my lab welcomed me with open arms. I am so happy, nice comfy home I should say. Nice lab mates, airconditioned rooms, 24 hours internet access. I else could I ask for. But still, I still love my dorm. I miss dorm life. I miss the people whom I begin to treasure.

Anyway, there I dont think I could stay here throughout the sem. I still want a decent place to stay, something I can call mine.

This week is a truly test of what is in store for me for the upcoming sem. Wahh! And as a matter of fact, I am now getting tired of this busy lifestyle. Aside from the fact that I was evicted to my second home-Yakal. The feeling of taking the subbject you once failed, it haunts me, an dit haunts me bad. I wish I could get out of this soon.

Some of the things I wish I could have done this week:

1. Get the CampLB pictures from Daina, only to find out that Moi has a copy of the pics. Thanks Daina *grin*

2. Email JI and SIM for the supposed PSYSC feature to their paper.

3. Meet Maam Vicky, I think she is busy though.

Things that I did this week:

1. Met Jo for the BASIC and PENNY for the CATALYST. And have lunch with them at the same time. That’s so nice!

2. Met Steph, and she showed us their little room, it so tiny.

3. Met Kuya Gabs for the website, we aggreed to finish it by July. Yehey! I really hope that it would be finish by that time. *fingers-crossed*

4. Attended EXECOMM meeting ng Inhinyero, EASL meeting ng ESC representing ACM, first GA of out term. That was  a lot! Wow.. WAH I getting scared. really It freaks me that I have many things to do! wah!

5. Tom, meeting ng SAs sa CC, tapos NEC meeting. Hay! *buntong hininga*

Well basically thats it! What a week I should say. With the grace of God, I can do this! 🙂

Till next blogging day! I hope I can find time to blog! Wish me luck!


I finished my driving lesson, way way long ago. And I dont know why, it is kinda addicting. I feel like, I want to drive every car in town. hehe.. There is this thing inside me that makes me imagine the position of the feet to the clutch, brake and gas pedals. 🙂