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Adjustment Period. Monday – HAPpY Day!
June 22, 2007, 10:17 pm
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This week is the real test of the things to come, one thing is for sure, I have to change the way it was planned. I have never studied a single lesson. I need to get my life back. Bring me back my dorm. And the sad fact is, I cannot continue with my cell because of this things. the guilt in me starting to take its toll.  I really have to attend a session.

The NEC will be having its first pictorial together and I am so excited. What will my co NEC will look like. Thank goodness, I confirm the studio in Philcoa where we are supposed to meet and where our photos will be taken. They dont have a studio there? Wierd!?

My parents brought my things in the lab, at around 8pm with guess what.. A new car. Wow, cant believe it! We have a new car it is a Honda car. And we test drive it, it is so cool. Here is a photo of our car…

Honda 1.5 MT

I want to go home to try this off, one more time..:)

I have to see Helen for the payment of the poste I made for ACM. All the hassle just to get to her. Wow! Time management, very very important. I wanted to attend Circuit’s GA, but I was enticed by Roy to attend EE’s GA for the hope of getting hold of a pizza slice. But we end up attending Sir Wali’s class without the pizza. O well, thats life. For the future EE students. Kudos!

What I really like to do is to perform in front of the freshies, the skit that is done my Circuit yearly, sad to note that I wasn’t able to be apart of it this time around. I exchange this idea, with meeting Nice to give the money collected through the water refilling station. This formally ends my term and also my connection to Yakal.. huhu.. I will miss that dorm. Damn it!  I planned to go to SM, mainly because I wanted to have a new shoes and acad stuffs. Thanks heaven and the money just poured right in front of me and it was only 66%  of the total that I would be getting. WHOA! I bought a pair of shoes, I planning to buy another one though. Bought a shirt, just then and there, because I thought that the cash coupon can be used for the clothes, but no, you have to have a minimum purchase of 500 just to avail of the Cash Coupon.

And other surprises still awaits me. Hay! I hope these would be a great one! Good Luck to me!


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Please oh please keep writing! Your articles are wonderful!

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Please oh please keep writing! Your articles are wonderful!

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