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Adjustment Period. Monday – HAPpY Day!
June 22, 2007, 10:17 pm
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This week is the real test of the things to come, one thing is for sure, I have to change the way it was planned. I have never studied a single lesson. I need to get my life back. Bring me back my dorm. And the sad fact is, I cannot continue with my cell because of this things. the guilt in me starting to take its toll.  I really have to attend a session.

The NEC will be having its first pictorial together and I am so excited. What will my co NEC will look like. Thank goodness, I confirm the studio in Philcoa where we are supposed to meet and where our photos will be taken. They dont have a studio there? Wierd!?

My parents brought my things in the lab, at around 8pm with guess what.. A new car. Wow, cant believe it! We have a new car it is a Honda car. And we test drive it, it is so cool. Here is a photo of our car…

Honda 1.5 MT

I want to go home to try this off, one more time..:)

I have to see Helen for the payment of the poste I made for ACM. All the hassle just to get to her. Wow! Time management, very very important. I wanted to attend Circuit’s GA, but I was enticed by Roy to attend EE’s GA for the hope of getting hold of a pizza slice. But we end up attending Sir Wali’s class without the pizza. O well, thats life. For the future EE students. Kudos!

What I really like to do is to perform in front of the freshies, the skit that is done my Circuit yearly, sad to note that I wasn’t able to be apart of it this time around. I exchange this idea, with meeting Nice to give the money collected through the water refilling station. This formally ends my term and also my connection to Yakal.. huhu.. I will miss that dorm. Damn it!  I planned to go to SM, mainly because I wanted to have a new shoes and acad stuffs. Thanks heaven and the money just poured right in front of me and it was only 66%  of the total that I would be getting. WHOA! I bought a pair of shoes, I planning to buy another one though. Bought a shirt, just then and there, because I thought that the cash coupon can be used for the clothes, but no, you have to have a minimum purchase of 500 just to avail of the Cash Coupon.

And other surprises still awaits me. Hay! I hope these would be a great one! Good Luck to me!


February 1, 2007, 9:38 am
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It has been a long time since I last logged in and finally, I have enough time to do 2 post today. Just recently, exectly last Sun we went to Anilao, MABINI (in case you do not know) Batangas.

As early as 4:30 am (the time we arrived to the UP Checkpoint), thanks for Char, Giselle and Ate Geline for waking me up; perople are already busy arranging our classmates. Name tags were given color-coded per group. And suddenly it hit me, I forgot to bring my list of those people who paid, anyway I can see that once we get back. We proceed to our tour and went to our first stop. SHELL station in SLEX, we pickup 2 of our classmates there.

We arrived at DIVE 7000 resort at around 9:15 just as scheduled. We were greeted then by the managing/orner of the resort by a warning for those who doesn’t know how to swim. The currents were going to the China Sea in the morning and back in the afternoon. We were also advised that when there is a drowning person, see to it that he/she is so tired, before tring to help because drowning people tend to drown others.

Some of the activities we have done: picture taking, picture taking and picture taking.. 🙂 NO! Some are pretty interesting, we went MANTA TOWING. What is that? A kind of surveying under water, classifying the type of corals and identifying how many percentage are there of the same classification. And it was FUN! I just hate it when the water is always finding itself in my nose..ARGHH!! We also went snorkelling, so many live corals and colorful fishes.

That’s all in the morning, during lunch we were served with a sumptuous meal. My belly went aching after I finish eating my meal. It was delicious, I should say.

In the afternoon, we went Fish Census, data were drawn to the slab. It was also fun.

I enjoyed the whole trip but the work is not yet finished we were wrong in counting.. we have to pay additional 15 pesos per person. SAD.. Well I hope my classmates would understand.

SOme pics here..

“Congratulations” – Accenture
January 10, 2007, 9:19 am
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Yahoo! I have been e-mailed by Accenture a year ago regarding the Seminar that I am so excited about. But just recently they e-mailed of the details on what to expect, what to wear. Etc.. 🙂

I dont know what to say but just wait until I get there, of course I will share some pics of the event. I hope I could enjoy this. An all expense paid to Tagaytay. WOW!


To get the feel of what the Accenture company do. Here is the link.. 🙂 so excited, I dont know what to expect I hope I’ll be having fun though.. 🙂

Excerpt from the e-mail they send.

” What do bring? How should we dress up?

Nothing really special to bring. We will be providing you with an Event Kit that will contain things that you will be needing for the conference.

Attire is casual, and I know for most students that means jeans and sport shirts, for the most part, that is. Saturday is when there will be lots of activities and challenges, both physical and mental, hence you may want to also bring your sweatpants or jogging pants, sneakers or rubber shoes and probably small towels.

For those on medications, please don’t forget to bring your medicines. Although we have our own medical kits, we may not have the ones that you need.

What should we expect?

Attached in this email is the agenda for the three-day event. As you can see, there will be some talks, and as I have mentioned above, physical and mental challenges.

What should I not fail to bring?

Your waiver/medical questionnaire signed by your parents or guardians. We need them to make sure that you have been allowed by your parents or guardians to attend this conference. More importantly though, we need them to know if there’s anyone who has medical condition we need to be aware of. It is for your own safety, not ours, that we’re requiring the signed waiver/questionnaire to be submitted. ”

World Pyro Olympics
January 10, 2007, 9:06 am
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My family decided to watch the 2nd World PyroOlympics last Jan 6, 2007 because they were so amazed by the duration of the fireworks display. And of course we all agreed to go, we texted Ate Lorena to see if she can come tofether with Rayyan, but she can because of an overnight shift at the Hospital. She later told us to just pick up Rayyan, but we thought he is too young to appreciate such display.

We wish we could have travelled earlier to avoid the rush because of the mass number of people will come to see the show, we left the house at around 6pm and already it is jampacked at Coastal Road. We arrived at the mall around 7:45 just in time to meet Kuya Russell at Gerry’s Grille. Hay! He told us to meet hm there but no, he is the one who is far from the meeting place.. ARGGHH! We are all just angry but hey this is the time we get together and watch the scenic view.

Then the first spark were heard and a rush of people earger to go at the bay suddenlystop in wahtever they are doing and just stood there all in awe by the show. Well there are some who just CANT seem to shut there mouth up and murmur this irritating sound of a pretentious grin. NO! I won’t be bothered by some nonsense talk. I liked the display, although there is a time during the show that you feel. After this, what is next? That doesn’t bother me to much because of the view we saw. I personally like the sperm-like fireworks, that looks like swimming in the dark background. And the fireworks that are so huge it looks like it is going to our place. I just stood there for around 30-45 mins and then suddenly at the end of the show, Kuya Russell saw me and we are now complete.

My mother and I decided to go to Hypermart to buy stuff in preperation of 1st Birthday pf Rayyan, while we wait for another show of some country (we didn’t know, LOSERS!) Anyway, we arrived at the rooftop of the covered parking space in time for the 2nd show. And this is also good show, but I liked the first one. 🙂

We thought we could go home as soon as the show ends but NO!!! The place has so many cars that the one near the ground gets to go home, and the car crash from the exit added to the traffic. ARGGHHH! We come out at around 12midnight!

Here are the pics.. 🙂

January 6, 2007, 7:50 am
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I have received my exam paper in MS1 and EE152 yesterday, and somehow I got high grades relative to the ones I got when I am NOT studying. But there is this lingering of unsatisfaction, I think I can still make it a little higher, IF ONLY.. hehe. 🙂

That is why on next exams I have to work harder! Special care on CE22 (I think I flunked the first exam), MS1 (more reviewing), EE152 (I think Likha will nake this a little tougher by the next exams)


What the…
November 26, 2006, 7:37 pm
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Nakaktuwa lang isipin na nasa isa akong picture na kinunan sa Coke Barkada Planet.

As I was browsing their webpage, I found this nitty gritty picture. Find me!!! hehe.

Ang saya no, you can actually seee yourself from some, uhm. Big company like, Coke…

ako nasa pic

Isa ito sa mga gusto kong gawin actually be a volunteer to some worthwhile organization, intro nga pla to this endeavor. Well, pardon me for not reminding the date. You know me, so forgetful. Penny, my orgmate, was invited to join this event. She wants me to be a part of it so she invited me to come and introduce me to the event organizers. hehe. Nakita ko pa nga sila Claire Zanoria dito. hehe. Gumising ng maaga at may free breakfast, saya nga eh. Tapos lecture on LaMesa Dam and some guidelines to do when planting a tree. Ang saya niya. Gusto ko pa nga sumama ulit eh.. Kelan kaya ung susunod na ganito? 🙂

Registration Almost Over
November 14, 2006, 9:43 am
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Thank goodness!

Grabe ito na yata ung pinaka matagalm kong reg ever. SA nga ako at may priority. Kaya lang meron mga nangyari last sem na sobrang ikinaasar ko. Bagsak ako ng 41.. huhu.. so di ako makakakuha ng 51 and in turn 52 and 105. Grabe talaga mga profs, akalain mo 20 point na lang. Masasabi ba nila na wala as in wala akong natutunan. Hay naku talaga.. Grabe ung expirence na un. O well tapos na un, naisumpa na ung dapat isumpa. hehe. Joke lang. Di ako ganoon. Cguro nga part ung nga mga pinaggagagawa ko nung 1st sem.

PubComm Head, Internals, SA, Racket, NSCM Core, etc etc.

Kaya nga ngayon dapat magbagong buhay na. hehe. At eto na ung simula, hehe. Tapos na ako ng reg, ung mga subjects ko na this sem ung mga aasikasuhin ko.. Yahoo. Mukhang magiging ok ung sem na ito. I do pray na sana nga maganda ung sem na ito.

Nagshift na nga pala ako to EE, and ngayon ko lang narerealize na mukhang magugustuhan ko ung mga trabaho ng EE.. Yahoo.. I do pray na I would enjoy this sem and really see my potential as a true EE student.. 🙂

Wow, grabe ung mga pinagdaanan kong reg na ito, And I thank God malapit na akong matapos. Hay!

2nd SEM here I come(with HighHOPES)!!!